Provide accessible Web for everyone, everywhere.

Equal web experience for all. My goal is to ensure that any person, regardless of geographic, economic, or physical limitations, can access the web and participate freely in information and resources.

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Hi, I'm shio!🧂

A brand icon for shio.

Born on November 6, 2004.
Lives in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Engineer and designer who aims to provide the best web experience for any person in any environment.

I'm a ..., 

Ease of use, ease of development, that kind of thing.


I want to provide the best experience for any person in any environment. Performance, WAI-ARIA, SEO, style of hover / click / etc, I don't compromise on any of them. All for the best user experience.

Operating a variety of devices, including a mouse, laptop with keyboard, screen reader, and smartphone.


User first, but developer friendly; various tests by CI to validate changes, micro-front-end and mono-repo for optimal commonality and segmentation of code. Robust and scalable products are soon.

Stones processed into various shapes are piled up without gaps to form a wall.


Always at the forefront. In the field of the Web, where technology changes rapidly, I always keep up with the latest technologies and never forget to contribute to OSS.

A lineup of logos for technologies that have appeared relatively recently, such as React.js, Turbo, Rome and Tauri, and more.

Create products that excite the world, together? Contact me here anytime.

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